Terms, Conditions Fairness & Recommendations

1. Clients & Law Firms

Should it be required legalhire do provide a document exchange facility through the website, this facility uses legalhire servers to save/transfer files and data you wish to transfer. Our servers are regularly updated for security and transfers are encrypted where possible. We advise however that should the transfer of documents be vital to your client or yourselves all documents should also be sent as hard copies. Cyber security is at the forefront of our priorities though it must be stressed that whilst all precautions are taken to ensure your data is safe ever evolving techniques for cyber theft can pose a threat.

As a registered Law firm you are under no obligation to create profiles for your solicitor’s, we provide this facility purely to make bidding on work easier and more relevant to each individual client’s requirements.

Once registered upon legalhire as a law firm and should you wish to allow individual solicitors to create profiles we will provide each solicitor with their own personal login details, using these details the solicitor can apply individually for jobs under your law firm umbrella profile.

Legalhire recommend that one person within the law firm is designated as the account master for the law firm profile. Several reports are available to be utilised on a month by month basis which give data regarding numbers of jobs bid for, success rate of job bids, estimated revenue per job, expenditure of bids upon jobs and expenditure of acceptance of jobs. Of course this data is split upon into each individual solicitor and is also available as a combined value for the entire law firm.

2. Posting a Job

Upon posting a new job on legalhire the client must agree to the relevant terms and conditions regarding that job category. (these terms and conditions will be presented to the client prior to actual posting)

3. Recruiting a Solicitor

The act of recruiting a solicitor is deemed the acceptance of a contract on behalf of the client.

4. Bidding Upon a Job

Upon bidding upon a job on legalhire the solicitor or law firm must agree to the relevant terms and conditions regarding that job category (these terms and conditions will be presented to the user prior to actual bidding)

5. Accepting a Job

The act of accepting a client’s job is deemed the acceptance of a contract on behalf of the solicitor.


We appreciate that sometimes a relationship between a client and a solicitor cannot go as planned, and despite the best attempts from both parties a satisfactory outcome may not be achieved. If this is the case and negative, defamatory or obscene feedback is posted either by the acting law firm / solicitor or client then legalhire will take measures to investigate the matter until an appropriate outcome is achieved.